14 Easy & Creative Crafts Ideas With Old Socks

Creative Crafts Ideas – Do you have old socks that you refuse to throw off and do not wear? Have you been confused about what to do with those jeans? This post is that you do not use. There are a whole lot of things that you can do using socks, you can create gloves, toys, slippers, or a sweater for the dog. Listed below are 15 craft ideas you can make yourself using socks.

Pikachu Sock Plushie


All children love the Pikachu and the Pokwmon animation series is highest and the preferred! You we damn certain you’re using a Pikachu adoring kid in your property and may be a lover of Pokwmon! Therefore it’d be a thought to please some of lover by giving her or him using a present representing Pokémon! What about crafting a Pikachu plushie? We’ve produced this DIY Pikachu Sock Plushie tutorial which can guide you from begin to finish including every detail!

You want to receive a pair of socks which will be utilised to style to style the body of this Pikachu such as hands the ears, legs and tail! Here the resources you are exactly and to use would be scissor and the needle-thread that are utilized through the entire process! Make use of also to draw on the body components and the cotton and foam stuffing, use the markers, for stuffing the body regions of the plushie! For making red cheeks and eyes, use the sensed in colours!

DIY Argyle Sock Vases


I can not get argyle! Following is a quickie afternoon job for the socks that are onesie. discovered a soft neck is made by the ring near the peak of the sock near the peak of the vase while I played them. I may have to get some socks to pay some things in my apartment. have fun!!

Olaf Sock Snowman Tutorial


Would you wish to create a snowman? This Olaf sock snowman is really simple to make.

Swift Dust Socks

You are able to turn chenille socks to dust swifter tool that is static that is resuable.

DIY Sock Elephant

By employing this tutorial and pattern, sew sock elephant.


DIY Mismatched Socks Snake

Another idea is as soon as your children have kids of their own to add socks. You could earn a snake from their infant socks that are previous and keep adding chains as the generations go by.

DIY Sock Dragon

Drake the sock dragon is your development specie Godzilla, in the Japanese reptilian sea creature.

Switch Old Socks Into Vertical Blind Cleaners

With 1 set of two household products as well as socks, you might have a tool that’ll make cleaning your blinds a snap.

DIY Sock Bunny

To be able to be various dimensions of sock bunnies, you might use unique forms of socks, including baby clothes, toddler sock, women socks, etc.. .

The Way to Create Your Ipod Cosy

This is a simple undertaking, that is easy to take together and may be performed while waiting at the physician’s office or at comparable ‘waiting’ scenarios.

The Way to Produce a Rice Sock

There would be A rice sock a heating pad which you can heat from the microwave. After warm, the rice sock can be applied by you to regions of your body to take care of chills, aches, pains, and several other ailments.

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The Way to Make a Dog Sweater

This may work in the event that you’ve got a dog that is little. Before making a sweater for the dog, you may need to be certain to use a sock.

DIY Sock Ninja Turtle

You’ll be amazed that every one of those Sock Ninja Turtle dolls has been stitched from a pair of socks.

Switch Old Socks Into Fingerless Gloves

You’ll have your very own custom made gloves that are special nothing, out of being chucked in a landfill and you’ll have saved your socks!

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