18 Simple and Beginner-Friendly Watercolor Ideas

Watercolor Ideas – Watercolors are reportedly the art medium. Sure, painting with watercolors is demanding and takes a great deal of practice, but is not that with art media? With good will, you can learn this art medium that is gorgeous. And should you would like to decorate your walls, it would be good to improve them! Below are some watercolor painting ideas which are with.


With two colours you may produce a depiction of lavender. You can create your own pattern, when you understand how to paint a lavender blossom.

Pine Trees

Winter is upon us and we get to marvel in the beauty of snow! Snow transforms the planet using a white blanket that is sparkly, and clouds increase the setting. Let’s catch a number of that magic with all our watercolor paints! Read along to find out how to paint watercolor pine trees and generate a watercolor forest that is winter-y.

Cactus Painting

Get outside your paints and catch some lemonade that is chilled. The article of today will feature a watercolor cactus painting that anybody can attempt. And there aren’t any rules. The thing would be to have fun and that is all that matters!

Globe Painting

Use this painting for a reference for enlarging and practicing your watercolor painting abilities.


Paint a seahorse by filling the traces with water that is fresh after that simply add colour using a brush by colour. Pick your colors and put in several splatters to make an impressionistic style.

Fall Tree

There’s something about collapse. I believe that it’s those colours coming together. It is simply magical! And painting drop things is just one of my favourite things to do. Learn how to create in the present simple to follow tutorial.

Colorful Tree

By allowing the colours mix without touching the newspaper, it is also possible to attempt to paint this tree!


Flowers are a great starting point for studying techniques that are watercolors.


Try out the watercolor method enlarge and to enhance your painting abilities. Grapes are a fantastic reference to learn how to experiment.

Ice Cream Cones

I am just sharing here on my website, although I’ve got an announcement I’ve shared on Instagram. I have started contributing to the website of Asian Trading Company. Twice a month I will be coming up with a number of their interesting solutions with a tutorial. And that knew they had so many things that were amazing .

Galaxy Cityscape

Painting this galaxy cityscape that is wonderful is a whole lot simpler than it seems.

Galaxy Paint Tube

When you understand how to paint the skies of night and a galaxy, you may attempt to create personalized watercolor paintings.

Mountain Landscape with Clouds and Sky

Painting clouds and sky should not be a stress!


Try this super design that may be implemented to any product out. All you require is a single colour and the ink pen.

Pastel Trees Illustration

Use your colours with a great deal of water and ink to make a illustration similar to this one.

Watermelon Slice

By making your carrot slit painting insert the scent of summertime to your walls.


Let this poppies watercolor painting function as inspiration. You may use personally.

Floral Wreath

Find out how to create your own wreath by obeying this tutorial.

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