36 Pretty Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Stir Up Your Blank Walls

You’ve likely decorated each room in your home superbly, but did you forget about the kitchen? This post has 36 entertaining kitchen wall decoration suggestions that will make the area more than simply somewhere to whip up a meal. Whether your design is classic, shabby chic, bright and vibrant, or contemporary, these thoughts will give your kitchen a pop of character!

36 Gorgeous Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Give Your

Kitchen A Pop Of Character

Gotta possess that dawn joe? Have a look at our space-saving options to get a coffee pub. Honor a loved one by framing among the famous recipes together with our recipe card jobs. Set the mood for meals with a exceptional wall signal just like our”eat,””bakery,” and”kitchen” artwork ideas. This listing also has plenty of kitchen wall decoration ideas that twice as space-savers.

If your kitchen is small but powerful, take a look at the hanging plant backyard and create basket jobs! Tired of hearing the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” Question in the loved ones? Try one of our fun and practical wall mounted menu DIYs. Store your favorite bottles of wine in style with one of our simple to earn wine rack jobs.

Continue reading to find out more about all 36 amazing kitchen wall decoration ideas!

1. Wood Cutting Board “Eat” Art

Accent your living area entry with a term we have all come to know and adore. The use of older cutting boards brings significance to meal timea feast to initiate the conclusion of another day. The wood decoration meshes together with the tattered type of the boards. It brings out the”work” which goes into the preparation of a meal.

2. Food, Family, Love Prayer Sign

Prepare to your meal-time boon with this classic picture piece. Adopt the approaching meal with a little phrasing that requires manifestation and brings out your internal compassions. This timely piece may also be made with timber stylings, tailoring your living area to some place of blessing before meals.

3. DIY Metal Letter Kitchen Signal

Introduce your kitchen office by means of a classic metallic bit. Back the decoration with painted corkboard or timber to provide the letters that the glow and allure they deserve. Including a feel into the decoration gives the kitchen a rustic appearance. Polish to produce this element glow above your office.

4. Rolling Pin and Recipe Card Screen

Reveal the key ingredients which were passed through generations via this fantastic screen. The framing brings precedence to such elements of cooking which have flourished on for decades. Adding the tattered rolling snare joins the bit to a lot of cases of hard work and determination of optimizing a craft.

5. Weekly Menu Recipe Card Board

Establish the weekly eating program through this wood creating. Add trendy lettering to create each day of this week stick out. Steel clips help produce an ease of replacement and permit you to alter these choices easily. This bit helps to bring out the significance of meal prep and arouses the people of the family as they expect their favourite dishes.

6. DIY Small Space Kitchen Herb Garden

Transform old and tattered shower sticks or curtain sticks to a preservation room for your spices and herbs. This transformation provides purpose to those older components, bringing a livelihood of new aromas and ingredients to the kitchen. This bit also can help lighten up your distance and will infuse the airwaves will tips of what is to come.

7. Hanging Produce Baskets With Signal

Locker or bicycle baskets result in good wall hangers. These baskets maintain fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables free of contaminants. The sign will help open an internal market that attracts the farmer’s market to the relaxation of the house. Fading the decoration on the signal provides the room a classical look that’s guaranteed to turn heads from young to mature.

8. Framed Vintage Silverware Art Project

Matting your endeared silverware and utensils is a excellent way to show appreciation for foods. Border these bits will colour combinations that match the tones of these utensils. The black backdrop helps these components pop off the outside, making visual allure from close-up and in a distance.

9. Wood and Binder Clip Art Boards


Photography goes well with a fashionable background. Treated hardwood that reveals wear can help to make vision pop. This produces a charm to the visual allure of foods that are fresh and vibrant imagery. The clips offer an ever-changing canvas which may be upgraded on a seasonal or weekly basis.

10. DIY Coffee and Tea Bar

The operation of a wall cupboard and coat rack mix can create for this morning greeting of a Cup of jo. Scrub your fixing inclusions will deep toned baskets. Faded timber or older metallic siding provides java that rustic character it had been created to host. Title your place with wood or metal decoration, treating screws, rusted metals, or other operating materials.

11. DIY Wood Pallet Wine Rack

Pallets will double as a simple alternative for a home made wine cellar. The wood could be treated with a coat to bring the divots and grooves the timber hosts. Spacing allows for easily elimination, making an ease of accessibility to a drink of choice. The same as good wine requires appropriate aging, which does the detailing of the ancient piece.

12. Easy Feed Sack Kitchen Cabinets

Old feed sacks result in a fitting component in the kitchen curtain area. The weavings of those materials help to make a reinforced shield from the beams of sunlight, emitting shallow tones of lighting to decorate your kitchen area. In addition they bring a classic appearance to any contemporary kitchen, assisting you to net your design together with elements of old and new.

13. Rustic Clock and Plant Display

Stick to this tame offering of a classic wood clock to net to the contemporary progress of the kitchen area. This rustic screen introduces glimpses into the past and can be brought to life through the addition of their plant holdings. See to your entrance walls into a classic style that matches any colour scheme.

14. Kitchen Wall Butcher Paper Dinner Menu

Roll out the menu in style on this butcher menu. This infinite option hosts easy replacement and retains it simple for guests. Drape an whole wall to make certain you don’t miss some of the vital inclusions in tonight’s meal plans.

15. “Eat” Vintage Metal Wall Sign

Rod iron make for a fantastic shaping tool. Spelling out the supper telephone in a rustic style keeps you guests in-the-know of this decision that went into the planning. The design of the decoration may also offer you a high-end style for non-refundable pricing.

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16. Farmhouse Kitchen Gallery Wall Inspiration

Transform your wall into a screen and homage to meal-time with this maintained piece. Bring reverence into the action, the things used, and also the folks that made it feasible. This blend piece helps call attention to each of the critical facets that enter meal prep and eliminates the materialistic view on meal-time.

17. DIY Faux Create Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are a excellent preservation piece for incorporating a 3D component to your kitchen. These boxes stretch from the outside, allowing for a complete view in any way angles. Add plastic veggies and fruits to liven up the taste being supplied on your kitchen. Removeable tops makes adjustments and enhancements an simplicity for the consumer.

18. Cheeky “Today’s Menu” Kitchen Wall Art

Employing the”no bull” strategy in your guests might be useful strategy. Remind your customers of this procedure and supply them the compliments of the chef within this subtle bit. Burned borders and extra paint is able to make your decoration pop and it requires attention to the term.

19. Rustic Wood Board Wine Rack

Coat hooks and wood match within this stylish wine screen. Simplicity is the name of this video game with this particular piece. Reduced lettering retains this bit as a straight-forward alternative to your drink choices.

20. Wood Board Pot Hanging Rack

Cutting wood planks and cascading them on your wall hasn’t been so simple. Insert a mild treatment to the timber to bring a darker colour or to display the grooves. Little claws help hold the pots along with the tactical nail positioning might offer unique patterning layouts.

21. DIY Chalkboard Dinner Menu Project

Maintain your office a productive place together with all the ever-changing chalkboard menu. Display the daily unique with a little additional attention . Provide weekly improvements into what is cooking in the kitchen. This hardwood edge calls focus on the white-on-black badge, maintaining it visually attractive for your visitors.

22. Indoor Planter Box Herb Garden

Square boxes may also be secured to the wall to permeate herbs and plants. A tiny botanical garden greets your kitchen using a vibrant part that infuses colors and scents to the atmosphere. Water only and develop herbs to have in your key recipes.

23. DIY Wall Mounted Create Allergic

Chicken wire baskets offer you an original marketplace of products for your kitchen. It provides an on-the-go part for maintaining users refreshed through accomplishment of everyday vitamin amounts. Dark wood therapy provides it this farmer’s market sense. These contrasts also help the vivid colors of fruits and veggies pop-out from this screen.

24. Shabby Chic Coffee Mug Rack

A wood edge using a chicken wire backdrop creates to get an ever-changing canvas of components of the present and past. Show your favourite photos, kitchen antiques, or any other such trinkets. The pins have been added to maintain your cups hanging angled and flush to the appropriate level.

25. Giant Wooden”Eat” Kitchen Signal

Large letter screens will also be great to get a kitchen attention getter. This huge screen features older hardwood that’s been roughed up previously. It features a glimpse to the past when catering to the normal setting of a contemporary kitchen area.

26. Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Shelf Screen

Shelving through plank boards is also a very simple improvement which will set well in almost any kitchen. Wall shelving mounts provide a durable hold for this heavy hardwood. Choice for bigger mounts to accommodate a bigger shelf space. This multi-purpose shelving system makes for a good grip for virtually any kitchen components.

27. Apron Hooks and Toilet Organizer Shelf

Simply take a different approach to the contemporary coat rack through the invention of your apron holders and shelving unit. The separation of substances generates to get a visual allure and lessens the cluttered appearance coat hooks frequently have. Widening the spacing helps draw attention to the crafts which whip the magic that occurs in the kitchen.

28. Classic Super Market Wall Sign

A classic metal signal makes for a fantastic blank canvas of usage. Apply a thin paint to maintain the rustic appearance of the metal shinning through at the backdrop. Use stickered ribbon to initiate the screen, followed by little cuts and paint blotches to provide it that throwback feel. This signage adds touches of classical allure to some kitchen platform.

29. Fork, Spoon, and Knife Negative Space Artwork

Engineered wood cutting may also find its appropriate area from the kitchen by means of these frame-like, shadowing masterpieces. Shaping the utensils helps form the power of accomplishment the utensils supply users with every meal.

30. Rustic Kitchen Plant and Utensil Screen

Patterned steel mounts also result in excellent shelving hosts. The plan of this steel brings significance to both the holding of this shelf as well as the components it is to sponsor. Employing a two-color strategy helps to make this bit pop onto the wall.

31. Affordable and Easy DIY Arched Chalkboard

To add elegance in a little price, use this arched chalkboard screen. This menu will help call attention to significant meal inclusions and retains guests in expectation of their offerings to come in the kitchen.

32. Wood Pallet and Cotton Art

Blend cut pallets with flowering screens to give your kitchen a subject of elegance. The background provides the job part, while the screen meshes with this component to make peace and calmness. This classical alternative makes for a perfect fit in almost any kitchen.

33. Framed Recipe Card Wall Art


Gold plated or gold decorated framing brings importance to the vision. It attracts an outer glow to the interior holdings, shedding a first light upon recipes which were passed through generations. It adds value to the work that’s done and retains brings reverence into meal-time.

34. Vintage Bakery Kitchen Wall Sign

Creating columned wall artwork can be a style that is suitable for the smaller width locations. Cascading the letters in descending sequence brings attention to the whole space. This assists tie up regions of your kitchen which lack protection and can fit into tight spaces.

35. Framed Kitchen Gadget Wall Art

Museum-like open frames result in great placement holders to the tools of your transaction. All these 3D creations help combine components to the correct setting, with counters and compliments to your kitchen contributors. This is a wonderful touch for those seeking to produce their gadgetry stick out amongst the bigger appliances.

36. DIY Small Space Coffee Station

Cutting 2 by 4 to halves creates to get a solid financing. Layer these bits side-by-side to generate a backdrop that could change the colour settings. Insert a little shelf to generate a miniature coffee pub. The contrast in timber forms may create to get a treated appearance without needing to use additional coatings or sealants.

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